Michael Raith
Dipl. Wirt.-Inf.


Career notes:

1995 to 2001: Assistant to Prof. Dr. P. Lory at the Institute for Management Information Systems
C/C++ lectures, OO Programming, Software Design , Cryptography, Cryptology, Artificial Intelligence: Neural Networks, LVQ
2000 to 2001: Freelancing as an IT Instructor at the German Armed Forces
Computer Technology, Network Design, Implementation and Management,   Network Security
2001 to 2009:  Employed as IT Security Consultant
IT Security evaluations, IT Security Management, Pen-Testing, Network Design, Virus & Hacking Specialist, Firewalling, IDS, Cryptography-Specialist, Software Engineering
2010 - 2018:  Deputy Head of IT Infrastructure
2018 - 2021 IT-Security Officer
since Dec. 2021 CISO - Chief Information Security Officer

Other Notes:

Likes / Hobbies:

Diving, Underwater Photography/Filmmaking, Baseball, RPGs (Rolemaster, Shadowrun), Strategy and tactical games and movies.

Diving licences: Open Water Scuba Instructor,
Master Scuba Diver, Rescue Diver, Underwater Navigator, Nitrox Diver,  Wreckdiver, SCR Dräger Ray, SCR Dräger Dolphin, CCR Inspiration .

Baseball: Played for the Regensburg Legionäre from 1997 to 2000, since 2002 playing for Deggendorf Dragons, Pitcher & 1st Base.

Computers: started my computer career in the early 80's on my uncle's 8-Bit selfmade-computer. Programmed BASIC at the age of 10, got my first own computer at 11 (Atari VCS 2600), worked all the way up through C64, Amiga 2000, IBM AT 486, etc... Started Networking in the late 80's using a modem. Became FidoNet System Operator, mailbox owner and regional VGA-Planets Host during the mid 90's (Star Fortress).  One of the first users of the Internet in 1992 (using SPARC Workstations on Unix at university).

Roleplaying: Startet D&D at the age of 15 - got my Nickame 'Metacon' therefore. Later continued on AD&D, Muds, Rolemaster, Shadowrun, et al.