Name: Metacon Ryo
Race: DunÚdain
Height: 1.95m
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: green
Appearance: muscular, tall

Profession: Valar's Paladin (ex Fighter)

Born as a soldier's son in Tyrn Formen, Arthedain, young Metacon also wanted to become a soldier in the King's army like his father was. His dreams of becoming a famous general endet when he got in to a squarrel with one of his drill instructors at the Royal Officer's Academy of Ann¨mias. He decided to leave the academy and come back when he had proven his opinion to be right.

Few days after he left the academy his sister and he were attacked by orcs that lungered near Nen¨nial. Metacon fell.

Strange things happened that night and Metacon couldn't remember quite well, but somehow they were saved by a white light and they survived. Metacon who was knocked down by an orc, regained conscioussness in Ann¨mias hospital and soon realized that he had lost his sense of seeing colors.

Slowly he realized that he was not 'normal' anymore, because it was not 'a lack of color' he saw but another plane of existance. He could see, hear and feel things and beings that were invisible to all other humans - unfortunately the beings also saw him.

Before Metacon found out how, he was unvoluntarily turned into a 'slayer of undead and evil creatures' just by defending himself.

One day he found a mace of the extinct pettydwarfes which turned out to be a magical weapon of most destructive power. Manufactured to face evil.

Thus his friends and he visited the lands around Arthedain and experienced adventures for over a year...

During the summer of 1307 T.A. he met the healer Odelard, which he married in December 1307 in the halls of Kazhad Dhűm.

During this winter, Raschella a mage friend of Metacon, created a very special present for the Warrior: She used powerful magic to create a plate armor and a shield of green eog. Thus partially paying him back for saving her life several times, partially as a marriage present.

Spring 1308 T.A. Metacon and his friends set out for new adventures once again...

Finally, in summer 1308 the valar revealed the true reason for every 'coincidence' that was behind everything that happened to Metacon since May 1307 T.A. when he left the academy.

They needed a Paladin of true virtue to fight for them in Middleearth, and since the Shadow Fleet Paladins felt pity for him, being slain by orcs, they had agreed to ressurect him as partial human, partial astral being and watch how he would use his skills.

Metacon passed the test.

This fall 1308 T.A. Metacon spends his time with his wife Odelard in the halls of Kazhad Dhűm. Watching his twin sons grow and studying the skills of channelling.

His plans, shouldn't the Valar decide otherwise, are to set out in spring 1309 T.A. and fight evil.