What is a paladin?    (You might also try reading the 'Arthedain' and the special section about Metacon to find out why I'm being seen as a paladin.)

Metacon: "This is a difficult question. At most, it's difficult for me, because I guess at least I had a very uncommon way to actually 'become' one. The Valar chose to give me a second chance one time and watched how I did... after some time I guess they decided that I did well and told me the truth. It was finally my decision that I agreed to their offer - being their Paladin. But to better explain what exactly seperates a paladin from a warrior, let me cite some wise men:"

"To some we are Holy Warriors, destroyers of evil, but to me it is deeper than that. Paladins are symbols of all that is good and right in the world. We are the defenders of the defenseless. We are the voice of law, but we are the bearers of Justice. We fight for law and order, but laws can be corrupted, and twisted to fit the needs of the enemy. We are the voice of pure justice when the laws no longer work." "Paladins are the best of two worlds. We hone and partake of the scholarly pursuits, so as to better control and use our warrior abilities."

"Any barbarian can lead a mob, but a paladin will turn a mob into an army."

"From this balance of mind and body a Paladin derives the divine power of Leadership, which radiates out to those we lead, causing them to fight more fiercely, skillfully, and defend better."

"The Calling of the Paladin is of the most high and ancient origin. Long ago, when Men of all races strove against Chaos and Darkness, the Gods sent down grace and leadership unto those among us who were pure of heart and purpose. Those so chosen became shining beacons of leadership and courage to all around them. Each Paladin throughout the ages has been a focus for the forces of Light against Darkness. Thus, each Paladin must ever seek within for the dedication and purity of spirit required to lead and inspire. We lead, not by shouting orders or commanding from afar, but rather by our example. A Paladin shall ever be the first into battle and the last to retreat, never quavering no matter the odds lest others fail in their own courage as well. A Paladin must ever be a shining example of courtesy and honor -- 'tis better never to have been born than to forswear your oath once you give it as a Paladin. Yet all is not grim, for a Paladin is not some hermit locked in a tower and forbidden the taste of life. No, far from it! For each Paladin may choose to wed in good time and raise a family, such that honor and courage may be taught even to the babe on his mother's knee. The one abiding purpose of a Paladin be to live as an example to others of courage, virtue, and leadership. A wise Paladin never seeks judge over others, but shall never refuse to aid in settling a dispute if aid may be given. If ever the Darkness should conquer the Light, the last gleam shall come from the uplifted blade of a righteous Paladin.

"It is important that you understand that to be a Paladin is not just a profession, it is a method for being."