If you have ever heard or - even better - read J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, you know what I am talking about. Our Rolemaster Campaign was taking place on Tolkiens Middleearth - the best and most detailed place for fantasy roleplaying...

We started playing fantasy roleplaying games, when I was still in highschool and it turned out to be one of my hobbies for years to come... Eventually after I finished my sudies and got a job, my spare time for roleplaying sessions got rare so I decided to slowly withdraw...

But when we started this at a time when I was still 16, who could have known that "Metacon" was about to become my Nickname for the rest of my life - it's just like everyone got used to calling me by the name, that was originally reserved for the Paladin Knight that I was playing...

The most famous campaign, as far as I remember,  started 1997, Metacon as a Nickname for me had already been firmly established. That new campaign took place in Arthedain, Middleearth and our characters went out for adventures on May 1st 1307 third age...

I started out playing the Dunadan Fighter Metacon Ryo. In the meantime, as I unfortunately had to retire from active playing, Metacon spends his well-earnt holidays with his wife Odelard in Kazhad Dhûm until the valar will call him to duty one more time.


Meet the characters from the Arthedain campaign:


Metaconetacon Ryo

Dùnedain Paladin (What is a Paladin?)

The sort of guys you don't want to play tricks on. Since a fatal encounter with some orcs and the shadow fleet at the Nenunial, he lives in two worlds: Ours and the Astral plane - which makes him a deadly enemy to all undead creatures.

Aviendhaviendha Ryo

Half-Elf Ranger

Metacon's sister in law.


Noldor Sorceress

Met the crew initially to pay back a life-debt to Aviendha. Unfortunately it turned out that she now owns several lifes to Metacon. As her way to thank him, she used her powerful magic and the help of the Kazhad Dhûm dwarfes to forge the green Eog Plate mail and shield that he's now wearing.


Dwarf Merchant

He met the party in Rhudaur where he sold axes and crossbows. He's not only a cunning merchant but a good fighter.


Human Warrior

Metacon saved her from a couple of warges. She vowed to stay with him until she'd payd him back.

Odelarddelard Ryo

Human Healer

She met Metacon in a small town along the Rhudaur border were she worked. As time went by they both fell in love... She's now happily married to Metacon and mother of two sons.


Dùnedain Monk

First met Metacon north of Fornost while he was looking for work. Metacon employed him as a servant when he got injured. Later Talon decided to stay with the group.

Björnjörn of Rohan

Rohan Horseman

He met the party at the gates of Fornost. Although not aware of the Arthedain laws (and apparently not willing to accept them) he went some time with the party until he went too far...


Dùnedain Ranger

A woundrous thing to find a royal ranger alone in the woods. But as it soon turned out he was a scoundrel and fugitive who was just looking for monetary success.


Gondorian Wrestler

He met the party in a small town pub in Rhudaur. After he showed Rezzer quite deliberately that the Ranger was not king of the world, he and Metacon became friends. He taught Metacon some wrestling moves.


Sinarin Fortuneteller

Met the party at the gates of Kazhad Dhûm because the dwarfes won't let strangers in. While she was first looking for her lost brother, she stayed in the party for longer. Björn once tried to seduce her but couldn't - Björns fate was finally doomed when he raped her and Metacon found out...


Half Elf Sorcerer

Has been living in Annumias for well over 1000 years and unfortunately cursed himself while studying vampirism. When Aviendha and Metacon broke the curse, they became friends.


Human Sorcerer

A Friend of Rezzer. After trying to steal from the party he and Rezzer were told to go their own ways or being handed over to the Arthedain Guards.


Human Fighter

A typical adventurer who met the group during Summer 1307. Couldn't believe that someone was a better swordfighter until he met Metacon.